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The key to a long lasting paint job, whether interior or exterior is preparation, preparation, preparation!
That's why before we apply any paint we make sure surfaces are as clean as possible.

------- EXTERIOR -------
• All surfaces are power washed with a cleanser/mildew remover
• Surfaces are scraped, sanded and   caulked as needed
• Bare spots are primed
• Surfaces are painted
• Generally recommend using Benjamin Moore products

------- INTERIOR -------
• Walls and trim are washed as needed
• Nail holes and imperfections are filled
• Stains are blocked
• Primers are used when needed
• Proper finish coats of paint are applied to achieve a long lasting job
• Generally using Benjamin Moore paint

----- POWER WASHING -----

Power washing is a good way to make your house look new again

------- DECKS -------
• All surfaces are power washed with a cleaner, mildew remover and wood brightener
• Nails are reset
• Wood is scraped and sanded
• We apply the proper finish coats of stain to achieve a long lasting finish

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